About Us

We are a group of “Zodiac Enthusiasts” that spent years on different Zodiac forums, blogs and  lastly in Social Media era. The purpose of this website is to bring the “Horoscopes, Zodiac and Astrology articles” closer to the reader and make it easy to access from different devices.

Our Zodiac Blog can give you so many intricate characteristics about us to which we were blind always, so we are here to give you sneak peek into your zodiac.


Zodiacs can be both a mirror and a guide showing us our true selves and helping us understand people around us. A simple understanding of the 12 zodiacs can be so beneficial that a lot of things can be done and heard can be undone and left unheard because it might be something which is an individual trait . Overlooking and ignoring such things can bring a lot of mental peace.

Our zodiac is governed by our birth date. Its not just a number but much more. Its the date on which every aspect of the from the time to place to planets that influences our lives. Many attributes of our personalities are so strongly governed by our zodiacs that if we sit think and concentrate we shall be astonished to realize how amazing astrology and zodiac signs are.

This is no “LAW”. This is a study and learning knows no ends. The Most difficult situations that people face in today’s world is compatibility issues. Not understanding each other. Now if as a precaution and guideline everyone knows and learns a little about zodiacs how easy and smooth things would get!

Let’s take an example. What is the best way to keep a male (Zodiac Cancer) happy? All the ladies just learn to be best friends with his mother. He will overload you with love and respect. They are known to be family oriented people.

That’s the magical essence of zodiacs. So lets understand each other a little more and little better and pave our way to blissful lives.

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