Leo, the fifth of the Zodiac sign, belonging to the fire element is believed to possess the strength of a Lion in Vedic Astrology. If we delve into Greek astrology, we will encounter the mythology of the Nemean Lion and Hercules.

The strong connections of Leo to mythology reaffirm the strength of the natives. It is considered the bravest and fiercest of all other Zodiacs. They carry a mystic and mythic aura around them that helps them create an appearance of strength and sternness.

Those who are born between 23rd July and 22nd August are natives of Leo. These natives are usually serious and composed in their actions. But there are certain unfair myths attached to their grim nature. These negative attributes highlight them in a bad light and need to be changed as soon as possible.

8 Myths About Leos

1. Leos are Egoists

Many people have prejudiced the natives of Leo as people of vainness and arrogance because of the leadership skills that Leo projects. This perception about them is not true, as their naturally leading attribute is a contribution of their stars, which guides them to lead. Their charismatic presence is attractive in itself. And people follow them as Leo does not follow the herd. They have their way because they strive for better things in life.

2. Leos lack Patience

This stereotype has become synonymous with Leos. People tend to believe that they have less tolerance since Leos are brave, bold, and bossy. It is unthinkable for them to imagine Leo as a patient listener who can resolve issues calmly. But it is what it is. Leos are not impatient but excessively composed instead.

3. Leos are Selfish

Their strive to achieve big things in life is often seen as a selfish act of self-gain. But it is not entirely true. It is a fact that Leos want to attain greater things in life. They want to succeed and earn a life above an average man. For this, they are ready to sacrifice all things fun if needed. This act of choosing oneself to succeed cannot be termed as an act of selfishness.

4. Leos are deficit of problem-solving ability

Leos can indeed be a bit reckless at times, but that is because of their bravery and courage. They do not refrain from taking risks, but that does not mean that they are not logical or analytic, at all. They have a sound mind full of courage and confidence and can solve complex crises more calmly.

5. Leos are poor listeners

As mentioned earlier, people find it unbelievable that Leos can be a patient listener. They believe that recklessness and spontaneity mean unavailability of patience. Perhaps they have not yet met Leo with amazing listening skills. Leo’s value your time and words. They usually listen to everyone carefully.

6. Leos are bad partners

People tend to consider them as bad partners because they feel they are incompetent listeners and impatient. Leos are indeed great storytellers and have natural oratory skills. But this does not make them necessarily bad at listening. Contrary to their belief, Leos can prove that they are very passionate about their partner. Their enthusiasm for love and relationships is unmatchable.

7. Leos are High Maintenance

Since they opt for a better life, people tend to mistake it for their high maintenance and materialistic beliefs. They are passionate about anything they pursue and give their best. They do not like to be part of something half-heartedly, this makes them distant from people, but that does not mean that they are high maintenance and unsocial.

8. Leos are Power Hungry

Leos have a natural skill to lead. They are well-read and motivated. They believe they can bring change, and they are confident about their abilities. They want to bring collective betterment, but that does not go well with people. People believe that Leos are trying to exercise anarchy on them.


These stereotypes and myths that prevail over the real personality of Leo, show how judgmental people are. These unfair traits present them in a bad light and hamper their mindset. If you are reading this as a Leo yourself, you must not allow the negativity to overwhelm you.

Do not lose your true self to the prejudices and rumors projected by people. Do not let the opinions of strangers overpower your faith in yourself. You are a wonderful personality, possessing incredible characteristics.

Lastly, do not refrain from meeting new people due to the fear of judgment. Opinions are subjective and are bound to change. If you want to change their view, you have to show your true colors to the world.