Those lucky enough to be born between 23 July and 22 August are the kings of the zodiac.

Ruled by the sun and owning the symbol of the lion – these big cats are considered to be charismatic born leaders. What’s not to like?

Forget the other watery, slithery star signs if you really want to set your world on fire you need to hunt out a Leo…

1. You’ll have a friend for life Or at the very least someone you can rely on. Loyal Leo is happy to let you leave the pride, go and do your own thing, they won’t tie you down but they’ll always be happy to welcome you back into the fold, no matter how long it’s been. Leo remembers.

2. But you’ll also have an enemy for life Ain’t no one hold a grudge like a Leo. Don’t let the easy charm fool you. Leo remembers.

3. Leos give good presents Generous and expansive, Leo seeks out just what your heart desires and will go to great lengths to secure it for you. Money and effort is not a problem they just love to bask in the gratitude.

4. But like good presents in return No rubbish here please. Well thought out gifts are great. But expensive, luxurious well thought out gifts are better.

5. You’ll have the time of your life If you want to add a bit of spontaneity, excitement and fun to your life then Leo is where it’s at. Drama doesn’t even cover it. In fact the party doesn’t start until Leo arrives.

6. But don’t make plans for a Leo Sure, we expect to be invited to everything but don’t make any demands on our time. In fact you might never know when we’re going to show up. Exciting right?