1. They are Fun and Outgoing

Leos aren’t shy about crowds and unfamiliar people. They possess an assertive dominance that seems to ooze from all their pores and can be quite intimidating to others.

Leos always know that they are the most powerful people in the room, and as such, they are not afraid of embarrassment and are not shy to talk to absolute strangers with their usual swagger.

They will start a conversation with your strict aunt or strike one with your closest group of friends with such ease and finesse that it would be impossible not to admire their confidence.

2. They are Ambitious

Leos know they can have it all, and they are not shy about going for the things they want. They shoot for the stars and usually achieve their goals because failure is a strange concept to them. They have boatloads of confidence that allows them to meet obstacles head-on.

A Leo will not let failure deter them from pursuing something. Their bravery allows them to continually push for their dreams even if it means putting themselves through difficulty time and again.

3. They Don’t Live in the Past

Leos love looking forward and don’t dwell on things from the past. They are the least likely people to keep bringing up arguments from the past because they prefer to look at their future instead.

They will always spur you to live in the moment and have no regrets because that’s exactly the type of people they are. Living with a Leo can make you very productive as well as more aware, leading to a happier, more fulfilling life.

4. They are Fiercely Loyal

Everything a Leo does, they do it with confidence. They will remain loyal to you through it all, and won’t care much about what other people do to change their mind about you.

If you’ve got a Leo as a lover, then you’ve got a lover for life. They will fight for and defend you through everything, and fiercely protect your interests and your feelings.

5. They are Natural Leaders

Leos exude authority wherever they go. They take control of situations, so naturally, that people usually find themselves following their lead. They possess the spirit of a Lion along with its bravery, and this pushes people to put their faith in them.

Leos love responsibility and never shy away from leadership roles. They will stand for the weak without a second thought and provide guidance whenever you feel lost.

Leos are natural leaders who possess an aura of authority so strong; you can’t help but play a secondary role when you’re around them. Far from being control freaks, they listen and provide you with the things that make you happy.

6. They Make Excellent Lovers

Leos know exactly what they want, so if they want to give you pleasure, best believe that they will deliver it in spades.

Leos are very selfless lovers, and in the bedroom, they will take it in their stride to satisfy you as best they can because it’s just in their nature to do things and to do them thoroughly.