The Bull is not the kind of animal that becomes angry intentionally. If he is charging towards you he is a fearsome creature.

Although the majority of the time this strong, stubborn and fearless animal is happy to graze. These features are shared with the typical human born between April 20 and May 21. If you are born between these dates your zodiac or star sign is Taurus.

There are two elements to this sign. Firstly the bull, secondly the Earth on which the bull stands and grazes.

The Earth is solid, constant and can be unforgiving. It is life-supporting and protective of that life. It also tends to be enduring.

The bull’s characteristics are balanced by the Earth, making them dependable and protective. Here are five of the best traits a Taurus has.

1. Rewarding

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac and it symbolises reward. Taureans love physical pleasures and tend to be materialistic in their approach to life.

They will often focus on what is beautiful and catches the eye and then put all their efforts into obtaining the object of their focus.

Surprisingly, the bull is a peace loving sign, preferring to enjoy their surroundings rather than go through the conflict of changing them. That being said, should they want something changed they will persevere until it happens.

2. Stability

Due to the Earth part of their sign, Taureans tend to make a decision and then stand firm in that decision, come what may.

They have their own set of principles and rules and follow them rigidly. They will never leave something half done – this makes them incredibly loyal.

So if you’re looking for a partner to confide in, or spend the rest of your life with, pick a Taurus; he won’t disappoint you. Stability can also mean that Taureans are family-oriented. They would do anything for their loved one.

3. Cleverness

Taureans are cautious, confirming the options before making a move and ensuring everything is planned.

Their friends are carefully selected and others are not allowed to get close. Their public image is important to them – they want to appear strong and respectable.

It can be hard to make friends with a Taurean but is usually rewarding if you do. This zodiac sign may have a tendency to outsmart those around them, but it’s not something they do on purpose. There’s nothing you can do to a clever Taurus.

4. Determination

This feature is combined with a Taurean’s stubbornness. These people are stopping at nothing until they achieve their target.

As most Taureans are also practical, they usually achieve the end result via obstinate persistence and never deviate from their goal.

A Taurus may be stubborn and wilful, but if they want to achieve something, nothing can stop them from attaining their objective.

It’s tough to have fortitude and be able to deal with tough situations; rest assured that a Taurus can do that. He can make it out of the most dreadful circumstances.

5. Practical

Taureans are not dreamers, preferring to keep their feet on the ground and deal with day-to-day obstacles. Taureans tend to be calculating in their next move, keeping their wits about them.

They’re always looking for the best solution to a problem in order to satisfy their desires. Of course, they do care about the people around them, but they want to feel at peace with themselves first.

Being practical is all about taking sensible decisions; that’s exactly what a Taurus will do. He will think with his head first, not his heart, and he will do everything in his power to find a solution to a problem.

Taureans like to make new friends, although they choose them very carefully. This is due to their cautious nature combined with their natural ability to communicate in a diplomatic way.

Overall, we must admit that Taurus is a tricky zodiac sign. Yes, they’re stubborn and yes, they’re demanding. Nevertheless, they possess unique traits that can’t be found in other signs.